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Surface Coating

Anti-microbial Technologies

"Prevention Is

Better Than Cure"

Fight against

the spread of 

Covid - 19

Stay Clean

Stay Safe


  • One-Step application of a water-based cationic surface coating.

  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses for up to 3 months.

  • EPA approved ingredients

Innovative, Safe and Efficient Ultra Thin High-Performance and Industrial Coatings based on Engineered Glass Technology

Created, Developed and Manufactured as per the surface demand.


Our Technology, referred to as Functionalized Molecular Surface Coatings (FMSC), is based on molecules of inorganic materials naturally available on earth.  Our coatings are inert, meaning it comes from the earth and returns back to earth with no harsh chemical reactions and ill effects.  This makes our technology safe to the environment and humans.


When applied, as “Thin Coatings” deliver increased characteristics that will appear to have made no changes to the surface. The colour and feel will remain while it rejects water, oil, solvents, dirt, mould/mildew, microbes, abrasion, environmental decay, U.V. light, and many other damaging influences.


We assemble safe naturally occurring molecules to form a matrix barrier between the environment and the surface. Our technology does not use controversial lab engineered metals (Silver or Copper) or it’s nanoparticles that could leach out and cause illness in humans or create soil contamination. 


Inorganic salts and inert oxides are the chief component in our technology, and is naturally found in soil, vegetables, water, and is considered a safe food additive by the FDA (FDA CFR-Title 21). 


Depending on our versatile products, they can be applied using simple tools and with minimal use of safety equipment.

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