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Disinfectants & Sanitizers

Anti-microbial Technologies

"Prevention Is

Better Than Cure"

Fight against

the spread of 

Covid - 19

Stay Clean

Stay Safe


  • One-Step application of a water-based Disinfectant & Sanitizer.

  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses on contact.

  • EPA approved ingredients

ASN Guard is a Water Based multi-surface, no-rinse sanitizer and hospital level disinfectant produced entirely from pure natural ingredients.

The product is made without any caustic bleach, buffers, oils or other chemicals. Outside of the body, ASN Guard mimics our own ability to destroy the most virulent and persistent infectious diseases — safely and without building resistance.


Made from advanced technology of functionalizing electrolyzed saline, it is environmentally safe; rapidly degrading to mild salt water.  It does not cause any unwanted pollutant in the environment or soil.


Approved for food contact surfaces, ASN Guard requires no warning labels, it is completely non-toxic to humans or animals.  ASN Guard is pure sanitizer that is 100 times more effective at inactivating pathogens than bleach. 


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