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A Material Sciences Company

ASN Technologies providing 

"Material Innovations for a Better Life"


The review of human civilisation indicates that the significant increase of the level of living and production is connected more often with materials and developments in material science.

Products of ASN Technologies can be classified under:

  • Continuous improvement of existing materials

  • Materials making manufacturing process more efficient

  • Materials providing protection of assets

  • Materials improving living conditions


Material Innovations for a Better Life

Our Services

Disinfectants & Sanitizers

Water Based multi-surface, no-rinse sanitizer and hospital level disinfectant produced entirely from pure natural ingredients. 

Surface Coating

Rooted with ASN's FMS Technology, this division specialises in "Ultra Thin Surface Coating" using inert Glass Technology.


ASN Technologies believes in the significant role of Plastics material science in design and manufacturing processes of products.

Oil & Lubricants

ASN Technologies 

provides fully dispersed 

custom Graphene Base Oil Concentrate to Oil & Lubricants companies as an additive for their new product developments.

Wire & Cable

Product innovation with Material and Machines for the latest technology in 

cross linked PE Wire and Cable coating.

PAN (Plastics Angel Network)

Innovations is no one's monopoly.  We invite all individuals who may have innovations of their own and need support to take it to market.

Ready to find out more?

Our Global Offices

ASN Technologies is :

highly "Customer Oriented"

focussed on "Customer Experience" and

a philosophy of "Coming Closer To Customer"

We recommend connecting with our regional office or representatives to discuss your needs.

We may be closer to you than you may imagine!

COMPANY HQ: Singapore

MANUFACTURING: Singapore, Malaysia & India


The company network spans 11 countries with Regional Sales Team, Material Warehouse and stock points in:

  1. Singapore

  2. Malaysia

  3. Indonesia

  4. Thailand

  5. Phillipines

  6. Taiwan

  7. Vietnam

  8. China

  9. India

  10. South Korea

  11. Canada

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